Planeando un naufragio
Instalación con proyección de video 32”, loop.
Dimensiones variables


#shit talking in an intelligent manner.

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"Bodies" by Constança Pina

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Tom Phillips - A Humument (1966-73)

“In 1966 Phillips set himself a task: to find a second-hand book for threepence and alter every page by painting, collage and cut-up techniques to create an entirely new version. He found his threepenny novel in a junkshop on Peckham Rye, South London. This was an 1892 Victorian obscurity titled A Human Document by W.H Mallock and he titled his altered book A Humument.

The first version of all 367 treated pages was published in 1973 since when there have been four revised editions. A Humument is now one of the best known and loved of all 20th Century artist’s books and is regarded as a seminal classic of postmodern art.”

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Excellent stuff!

Whoever made these, I love you.

The girl in the last picture looks like Dominique Swain (Google her)